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Some friends we’ve made along the way.

Students, painters, musicians and business folk. Festival directors and CEOs, singers, rock stars, nurses, actors and gardeners. A few words from friends we’ve made along the way.

“Like nothing you’ve experienced before but always knew you needed.”

- Julie

“Never have I experienced so much love and commitment from a facilitator without the hype.”

- Mike

“Thank you for helping me to live to the point of tears.”

- Patrick

“Honesty. Empathy. Humility. Humor. ”

- Neil

“I had so much fun I didn’t want the sessions to end.”

- Lynne

“I don’t consider myself a singer but I really enjoyed this opportunity to vocalize in the safe space you provided.”

- Annie

“Thanks to the enthusiasm, encouragement and joy generated in The Singing Space you are making a difference in people’s lives.”

- Colette

“It was a gift for our boys to see their Dad with that group of men all singing in harmony together. A very moving experience.”

- Cheryl

“That vocal gathering in The Singing Space was life changing, honestly.”

- Bruce

“When we got home I could hear our children singing from the lounge room, the TV was off and they were chanting over and over. Abundant bliss indeed.”

- TJ

“Darren invited me to open my heart and that connected me with my voice. Thank you.”

- Rachel

“The Singing Space is the first thing I’ve done that is just for me in a very long time and it has been a catalyst for change in me. Grateful thanks.”

- Linda

“A place to relieve all stress and worry. Helped me to find peace and confidence in this busy world.”

- Josh

We want you to sing with us.

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