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The Space

Be more like yourself, than ever before.

When you feel relaxed and confident in yourself, anything is possible. Barriers fall and doors open, and everything becomes a little bit easier.

But you’ve got to be in the right place, both physically and emotionally for that to happen.
That’s what the Singing Space is for.

Located in the beautiful Southern Highlands, our studio has been carefully designed to make you feel at ease. To relax into yourself, find your voice, and turn your whisper into a roar.

man holding black microphone

Looking out over Mount Alexandria, with the glorious 60 Foot Falls hiding in the distance you’ll be able to sing as loud, or as tenderly as you like.

The Singing Space is a recording studio, for sure, but also a place to rest, and remember the music that talks to your soul. Then grab a microphone and belt it out in a place of zero judgement, and absolute release.

And when you do that, when you push yourself just that little bit further than you ever thought possible, it’s a feeling you’ll never forget.

So are you ready learn how to breathe all over again?

Are you ready to let go, and tell the Universe in no uncertain terms that you’re here?

Well, now’s your chance. This is it.
This is your time. Time to be selfish. Time to find your voice.

Book your first session, right here, right now, who knows where you’ll end up….

Your Vocal Coach

The right vocal coach can change your life. Choose carefully.

A vocal coach is someone who helps you find, and connect with your voice.

They’ll help you prepare for a performance, expand your skills and evolve your singing technique. They’ll help you project your voice with confidence, take command of a room and own the space.

Like any coaching relationship it’s a very personal one, with a unique journey ahead for everyone. But when you get the right vocal coach.

That person who helps you find, and connect with your voice in an authentic, and genuine way, it’s like opening a door to the rest of your life.

DP Promo Pic 2021

Darren Percival,
Vocal Coach

As a gifted musician, singer and songwriter, Darren has spent decades touring the world, learning from the best and passing all of that knowledge on to his students.

He’s a Gold album selling recording artist who’s worked with Keith Urban, Marcia Hines, Bobby McFerrin and Jimmy Barnes - but for now, all that matters is he’s your vocal coach, if you want.

I consider myself an extremely lucky person. From a very young age,
I knew I wanted to be singer, and fortunately for me I wasn’t terrible,
and boy was I LOUD!

I’ve had a full career, full of ups and downs too, but throughout I’ve had the
privilege of being able to do what I absolutely love, and make a living out of it.

I know not everyone gets to do that, but what I can do now, is bring a lifetime
of experience, learning, skills and techniques to the people I work with.

I’ve helped shy and quiet children come out of their shells, slowly
find their confidence and carry that into all aspects of their lives.

I’ve helped executives do the same, tapping into their
authentic voices to captivate a room and deliver a vision.

I’ve helped tradies sing like Tom Jones and health professionals sing like Beyonce.
And every single person, I’ve found, with a little help, can sing from the heart.

And it’s my continued privilege to help anyone I work with, do exactly that.

Being a vocal coach is the most rewarding work I’ve ever done,
and no matter what happens in the future, I think that will always be true.

Darren Percival

If you’d like to connect with Darren, and see if he’s the right vocal coach for you,

simply book a session now, or give us a call on xxxx xxxx, and we’ll get back to you pronto.

Darren Pervical

A series of beautiful accidents, a warm and powerful voice.

Darren would tell you The Singing Space is the result of one of those beautiful accidents that guide and direct our lives over the years. The Universe, if you will, intervening to nudge us towards the right path, at the right time.

Exploring the wilds of Mexico.
The first accident, perhaps, was when Darren’s parents moved to Mexico, bringing their child along to grow up on a Gold Mine. Exploring the wild and natural environment, and the freedom of creative expression that’s embedded in the culture.

By the time they returned to Australia his life had been filled with nature, music and art. His path was set, and he bounced between his school’s music and art departments, learning how to paint, how to play the piano, and then acting, singing and song writing.

DP Promo Pic 2021

An unexpected lesson.
Then next accident was when a 16 year old Darren was asked to guide a singing class at Sydney Performing Arts school. Helping a group of children stretch their voices that day he discovered a joy and talent for teaching, and a door was opened to the future.

“The main thing you become aware of is how much you learn yourself when you teach. It can become a flow of abundant information. A shared experience.”

- Darren Percival

A decade of touring and learning.
After graduating he toured Australia with Bobby Limb and Dawn Lake, and then started to sing with piano luminary John Foreman. Well on his journey by now, Darren spent a decade touring with jazz icon James Morrison. Making numerous studio recordings, and soaking up a lifetimes’ worth of experience and knowledge.

"Occasionally you hear something that breaks a few rules - that's nice, that's exciting.... but what Mr. Percival does is so free, so purely musical, that rules don't even apply enough to be broken. This is music straight from the heart. “

- James Morrison

Well on the path, singing from the heart.
One opportunity led to another, and over the years Darren released three original albums, with ‘Happy Home’ going Gold, and hitting number 3 on the ARIA charts.

He’s performed at concerts, festivals and special events, and his ‘Tribute To Ray Charles’ was sold out all over the country. His voice can be heard on albums by Jimmy Barnes, Marcia Hines, Guy Sebastian, Mahalia Barnes, James Morrison, Katie Noonan and David Campbell.

He sang with Bobby McFerrin on the Grammy nominated album ‘Vocabularies’, and another beautiful accident even led him to a world tour with Russel Crowe.

“The things he does by himself on record as well as live I can't even begin to think about without being very confused. I for one am a fan and wait with anticipation to see what he will come up with next.”

- Jimmy Barnes

The Voice of Australia
Despite all these adventures he might have flown under the radar if it wasn’t for The Voice. Where millions of Australians enjoyed his soul stirring performances, as he was coached by Keith Urban right up to the final. Finishing in second place, he nevertheless won the hearts of many, and he continues to sing, and perform all over the country.

“A Capella, performance artist, sleight of hand. Call it what you wish, because he does defy pigeonholing, but one thing is for sure, Mr. Percival, with a voice created by angels, is a festival of talent in his own right.“

- Jane Burridge

The latest accident, or where it’s been heading all along?
After moving to the Southern Highlands to bring up his family, Darren took the chance to re-engage with his passion for teaching. Over the years he’d heard so many stories of people who loved singing, but had left it behind after a traumatic experience, or being told they weren’t good enough.

And so he set up The Singing Space, a place to pass on all he had learned, educate and inspire anyone who wanted to shout from the rooftops, and be heard. Anyone who needed a little help finding their bravery again, and anyone who needed a little help finding their true, authentic voice.

Will your own beautiful accident lead you to the Singing Space? Well it’s lead you here…

“If you get the opportunity to work with him, do it! You will look back on it as one of the best things you’ve done in your life for your personal and vocal development!”

- Kate Barzdo

We want you to sing with us.

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