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Find your voice, heal your soul.
Welcome to The Singing Space.

If anybody ever said you can’t sing and you believed them, they’re right. But if you want a second opinion, we can tell you right now, they’re wrong.

Established by Darren Percival in the beautiful Southern Highlands, this is a place where you can relax, connect with your voice and either learn how to sing like a superstar, or even better - learn how to sing like yourself.

Sing together

Sessions with friends or colleagues are filled with laughter and joy, a shared experience you’ll never forget.

Singing Solo

Find your voice, find your bravery or resonate more effectively in business, Darren can help.

Your Vocal Coach

Forget everything you think you know about singing. The right vocal coach can take you places you’ve never been.

Singing is even good for your health!

Singing, harmonising and vocalising makes you feel good. We all know that already. We sing in the shower, when we’re cooking, walking the dog or going for a run, and we do it for pure enjoyment and pleasure. But did you know that singing is a natural antidepressant?


We want you to sing with us.

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Enough chat. Let's book it in! Lock in your Singing Space experience.